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We are planning to announce new film programmes soon!

Check out the 2021 film programmes below.

Feel Good Film Festival - PROGRAMME 1
Feel Good Film Festival - PROGRAMME 2
Prog 1


Feel Good Film Festival - Just Hold On

Just Hold on

Sheep riding star and future spy, seven-year-old Marlie McDonald is a symbol of resilience and vigour. Marlie was born with an aggressive brain tumour and spent her first few years in hospitals. Today, fearless Marlie is in long-term survival care… and is also a bona fide mutton bustin’ champion. Her survival spirit is infectious as the fiery redhead holds on to life, her family and, of course, those incredibly adorable sheep.

biker bob

While walking along a beach on Vancouver Island, Canada, Bethany and Caleb Harding stumble across was a message in a bottle. It said, “Biker Bob. If you find me, turn me loose.” Biker Bob’s Posthumous Adventure follows the bizarre mystery of Biker Bob and his afterlife visits across Vancouver Island. It’s a truly remarkable story – with twists and turns – about a man on a motorcycle, a group of strangers who became friends and the enduring power of love.

Feel Good Festival - Biker Bob
Feel Good Festival - Arthur


When you’re racing through the jungles and mountains of South America, the last thing you need is a stray dog tagging along. But that's exactly what happened to Mikael Lindnord, captain of a Swedish adventure racing team, when he threw a scruffy but dignified mongrel a meatball. This heart-warming film tells the story of how a street dog called Arthur joined an adventure racing team on one of the toughest challenges in the world – and kept going until he found a place to call home.

love letters from everest

Feel Good Festival - Love Letters From Everest

Love Letters from Everest documents not only the second expedition ever to reach the top of the world’s highest mountain, but also a transatlantic love story, told through letters discovered in a dusty box of personal archives belonging to the filmmaker’s grandparents. In captivating detail, filmmaker Celeste Koon uses creative animation of Kodachrome photos, newspaper clippings, maps and handwritten letters to tell this remarkable story from the 1956 Swiss Everest expedition.

Feel Good Festival - Charlie Surfer

charlie surfer

From County Sligo in Ireland, Charlie Clay is 10 years old and has Asperger’s syndrome. Although he embraced his diagnosis, he sometimes wishes he could be more like the other boys in his class. But Charlie has two passions – dancing and surfing – and he’s come up with a unique way to combine the two. We follow Charlie through the ups and downs of his summer surf camp – with impressive dance moves guaranteed.

A Mile An Hour

How much can you get done in 24 hours? Combining a desire to both get rid of the gut and spend quality time tinkering in his shed, Beau Miles sets himself an unusual challenge: to run one mile every hour for 24 hours… and to spend the minutes between the miles making things and fixing stuff in his workshop. This unusual experiment becomes simultaneously the fullest, most meaningful and most trivial day of Beau’s life.

Feel Good Film Festival - A Mile an Hour
Feel Good Film Festival - Golden Age Karate

Golden Age Karate

Jeff Wall Jr is a teenage karate superhero who was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame at the age of 10. But after spending time with his grandmother, Jeff learns about the loneliness of old age, and starts a karate class for senior citizens in his home state of Ohio. The routine, discipline, exercise and fun of martial arts hit a chord with residents, and this joyful film is a reminder that you are never too young or too old to learn something new.

Born to be Mild

The modern world is constantly speeding up. But not for the Dull Men's Club – a group of men quite content with life's more sedate pleasures. From photographing post boxes to collecting milk bottles, Born to be Mild is an uplifting celebration of finding joy in the very ordinary, and the perfect antidote to the stresses of modern life.


Please note that the film programme may be subject to change and some of the films contain a small amount of coarse language


Prog 2
Feel Good Film Festival - The Magic of Chess

the magic of chess

Every year, the next generation of chess masters meet at the National Elementary Chess Championship. In the ensuing games, kids learn not only the tactics of the game but speak of bravery, belief in oneself and the importance of opening moves. They may not always win, but in this short film, the magic of chess is seen through youthful eyes brimming with possibility. Queen’s Gambit eat your heart out.

jinja assassin

Alex Roberts is a high school drama teacher by day and the second-best air guitarist in the world by night. We join Alex, aka The Jinja Assassin, as he travels from his hometown of Perth, Australia, all the way to Finland to compete in the Air Guitar World Championships. Alex loves the niche sport of air guitar because it’s about creativity, reckless abandonment and, above all, embracing the ridiculous.

Feel Good Festival - Jinja Assassin
Feel Good Festival - Super Joe

super joe

“All superhero stories start with something bad. Maybe that’s my story too.” Joseph Sleiby miraculously survived the 2020 Beirut blast at his grandparents’ house in Karantina in north-eastern Beirut. Channelling his devastating experiences into hope, Joseph becomes Super Joe, on a mission to help himself, and all the other children traumatised by the blast, on their way to psychological recovery.

Fit to be tied

21,500 balloons, 27 hours and one intense competition: Fit to be Tied delves into the unusual activity of balloon art, and in particular Canada’s balloon twisting team as they enter the World Balloon Convention – the most prestigious event in the international balloon twisting community. The competition challenges teams to create enormous, whimsical creations in a race against time, and this is a story not just of this unconventional art form, but also about belonging.

Feel Good Film Festival - Fit to be Tied
Feel Good Festival - Choosing to Live

Choosing to Live

While mourning her late husband Ryan, Sarah Hornby craved an opportunity to connect with him and chose his biggest passion – bikepacking, which is cycling in the wilderness and camping along the way. Her goal was simple: she would attempt all 10 routes he created while researching his bikepacking guidebook, in a single year. As she pedalled, her story transformed. From sadness and loss to a profound celebration of both his life and her own unique journey, she was choosing to live.

Feel Good Film Festival - My Father the Mover

My father the mover

Dad dancing can be embarrassing – even if your dad’s a pro! In the small South African township of Khayelitsha, dance teacher Stoan Galela uses African electronic Gqom music to help local children overcome hardships, such as drugs, poverty and abuse, and to find superhero powers. But there’s one person he still hasn’t managed to reach – his daughter Alatha. A heart-warming short film that will have you movin’ and shakin’ at home

love bugs

Octogenarians Charlie and Lois O’Brian have an unusual passion: they’ve spent the last 60 years quietly amassing the world’s largest private insect collection – an entomological game-changer of 1.25 million specimens. This humorous and poignant film explores the love of nature and the nature of love – and what it means to completely devote oneself to both.

Feel Good Festival - Love Bugs

For the Love of Dog

Why are dogs called man’s best friend? Filmed at paw-height from park benches across London, For The Love of Dog explores the age-old relationship between canines and their human companions with hilarious, heart-warming and sometimes unexpected results.

Kylie's Dogs 2.jpeg

Day 1

Five years after breaking his back in a snowboarding accident and being left paralyzed from the waist down, Trevor Kennison returns to the backcountry with a new outlook and facing a new set of challenges.

Please note that the film programme may be subject to change and some of the films contain a small amount of coarse language

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