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5 lesser-known lockdown legends

You’ve heard of Captain Tom and Joe Wicks – but how about Stevenage’s runaway shrubbery? Here are the Feel Good Film Festival’s top unsung heroes of a strange year. Our judges were especially interested in laughter, with added points for dedication…

1. The Ozzie kebab runner

Our type of athlete. A jogger in Australia was fined for stopping for a kebab while out on a run – causing Mark McGowan, the premier of New South Wales, to get the giggles during a press conference. The kebab-quaffing runner has not been named, but for cheering up a nation, we send them a long-range air high five. And some ketchup.

2. The Texas cat lawyer

The only thing better than Texas lawyer Rod Ponton appearing for a Zoom court hearing with a feline filter turned on was his need to clarify to the judge: “I am not a cat.” We can cat-egorically say that is purr-fectly joyful.

3. Ireland’s bingo bringer

Two fat ladies? Actually the bingo caller was Michael Larkin, spreading lockdown love to his block of flats in Dublin. First prize? Some loo roll. We give that a ‘full house’ for community spirit.

4. Stevenage’s runaway shrubbery

Wood you believe it? Hertfordshire couple Nicholas Murray and Madeline Mai-Davies spotted their neighbour leaving his house disguised as the foliage. Wins the award for one of the more dedicated lockdown antics – no beating around the bush.

5. T-rex sightings

Is it just us, or did 2020 see more dinosaur spottings than The Lost World? We’ve received reports of joy-spreading T-rexes everywhere from Callandar, to Keswick, to Bradford… although only this Spanish T-rex managed to have a run-in with the cops. Do you think he saw us? Unfortunately yes…

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